1. That wave. That sass.

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    1. Fergie: a little party never killed nobody
    2. Robb Stark: *flips over table* WRONG

  3. Also, when was the last time anyone listened to Gotye?

    iTunes shuffle adventures.


  4. *agressively cleans flat to Alanis Morisette*

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  8. I have 2. I am on my way.


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  9. lindsaynohl:

    Here are a couple of the sketch commissions I made over the last week. I was in a furious frenzy to get them done before the holidays and I’m happy to say they’re shipped and on their way to new homes! I usually post sketches and things on my instagram — if you’re on there, let me know! Mine is paperbicycle! I hope you guys had an amazing holiday weekend! I’m excited for all of the new things that 2014 is going to bring. 2013 was rad, but here’s to the future!


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