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     What should you be called? | I could call myself after my mother.

    Sansa & Catelyn parallels (requested by anonymous.)

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  2. "No sir, all THIRTEEN!"

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    Animation a Day - Flower Dance - 5.26.14

    I was mostly finished with this earlier Monday afternoon, but went out to see some lovely friends, and added the finish to it now. I tried to keep my lines looser in the lining stage, and got the idea of the limited palette afterwards. Enjoy the flower dance across your dash.

  4. That wave. That sass.

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    1. Fergie: a little party never killed nobody
    2. Robb Stark: *flips over table* WRONG

  6. Also, when was the last time anyone listened to Gotye?

    iTunes shuffle adventures.


  7. *agressively cleans flat to Alanis Morisette*

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